Covid Information

The PAL is following Pasco County Schools guideline, please inform your Leagues as soon as possible if your child has been quarantined from school. If your child is quarantined, you are required to wait until they have been cleared to return to school. Siblings and Parents are NOT typically part of the quaratine requirement. If anyone in your immediate familiy is exposed to the virus, we do ask you to PLEASE let us know. 
This was previously posted on FaceBook:
All PAL Families and Friends are asked to please read and share.
Our Football players, Cheerleaders, Coaches, and Volunteers are at Higher Risk for exposure to Covid-19 due to the direct contact and inability to practice social distancing.
Please remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to report ANY circumstances in which there has been exposure to the virus. By participating you have agreed to adhere to the guidelines of County Ordinance and CDC guidelines for the safety of ALL participants.
Reporting is the only way to ensure that our children and volunteers have safe environment to participate. Failure to report exposure may result in removal from the league with nonrefundable fees.
If you or your family is experiencing any type of symptoms or appear to be sick, STAY HOME.
Practice social distancing when possible and stay aware of shared surfaces such as concessions stands, bathrooms, handrails, and the like.
We truly appreciate everyone’s help with maintaining these guidelines. Please ensure that you set a good example for everyone around you by wearing your masks when expected and using precautions for not only yourselves, but others around you.
If you have any questions or concerns on this matter, please contact us immediately.