PAL Complaint Procedure

The PAL realizes in the course of a year in a competitive football and cheerleading program there will be disagreements and issues that arise.  It is the PAL Board of Directors hope that this guideline will clearly illustrate the procedure behind filing a complaint and what can be expected once a complaint has been submitted.

1. Incident occurs in which a complaint is desired to be filed.

2. Complaintant must submit said complaint in writing to the Director of his/her local league.

3. The league Director will attempt to rectify the complaint immediately depending on their availability and the severity of the complaint.

4. If the league Director feels as though the complaint is necessary for a hearing before their league Board of Directors, one will be scheduled and all parties involved in the complaint as pertinent to the hearing will be notified of the date and time of the hearing.  The league Director will have two weeks (14 days) from the date the written complaint was received and submitted from the complaintant to rectify the issue to the complaintants satisfaction or to schedule a hearing.

5.  After the hearing has been completed and a decision issued on the complaint, the complaintant has one final appeal if said party is not satified with the decision.  Complaintant must submit in writing their desire for an appeal and a timeline of events to the Executive Director for a PAL Board of Directors hearing.  This complaint can be emailed to  If steps 1-4 of this procedure have not been followed, any complaint submitted to the Executive Director or any member of the PAL Board of Directors will not be entertained.

6. After the complaint has been submitted with timeline of events and verified that the proper procedure was followed, the Executive Director will schedule a hearing before the PAL Board of Directors for a final decision on the complaint.  Complaintants should always keep in mind the the PAL Board of Directors reserves the right to impose a more severe penalty if the nature of the complaint is discipline related.

7. Once the hearing has been concluded the PAL Board of Directors will make a final decision on said complaint and the matter will be closed.

*PAL reserves the right to adjust this procedure as needed per the Board of Directors*